Meet Our Ladies

Meet Sarah Washington! Born and raised in Beaumont, Texas by her parents and grandparents; Sarah is truly one of a kind! Sarah grew up surrounded by music. She started to play the piano at the young at of 3 and was in her first concert at 7! Her mother was a musician and her father was a minister. Sarah regularly attended church and sang with the choir.

Sarah attended Texas Southern University, located in the heart of Houston and graduated with a degree in music. Shortly after graduating Sarah got married, had four lovely children, and moved to San Francisco. Not long after moving to San Francisco, Sarah started her career in the school district teaching music and eventually becoming the Dean. She taught at schools such as Luther Burbank Elementary and Lincoln High School.

University Mound Ladies Home is grateful to have such a kind and talented person like Sarah Washington in the community.  She continues to love music, play the piano and sing. Sarah is a loving person and always comments on how “beautiful” people are. During her interview, Sarah expressed that she, “doesn’t care what color you are, we are all people, and I love them all!”  Now that is what you call a good attitude!


Meet Maribeth Meacham! Maribeth grew up with her mother in Palmer Massachusetts. At a very young age Maribeth was exposed to “high-quality” theater. During the summer time, one of Maribeth and her mother’s favorite things to do were to go out and see live performances. By the time Maribeth was in the 6th grade, although at the time she was not sure if it was possible, she was determined to work in theater!

Maribeth attended Leland Powers School and earned a diploma in Radio, Television and Theater. She began her work in Boston, Massachusetts as an apprentice at the American Shakespeare Festival and eventually, worked her way up to become a stage manager. She worked in different award winning theaters across the U.S.ranging from Connecticut to New York. In addition to working in award winning theaters, Maribeth was lucky enough to work along side big stars such as Morris Carnovsky and Katherine Hepburn. 

Maribeth moved into University Mound Ladies Home with a bright smile, warm heart and can-do attitude.  Along-side Maribeth was her 10 year old parakeet, Lime-o-nade.  As avid animal lover, Maribeth raised Lime-o-nade and showered Lime-o-nade with love everyday and was kind enough to share him with the other residents. Lime-o-nade is now in bird heaven, but will always be cherished in Maribeth’s heart. Maribeth continues to thrive at UMLH and keeps busy by reading, walking and socializing.