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You may have spent days researching the best electric lawn mower in the market but a lawn mower which isn’t maintained and cleaned regularly will cause a lot of trouble to you in the long run and is likely to get damaged quickly. You don’t have to deep clean your lawn mower daily, a few simple cleaning steps will go a long way.

It is really important to keep your lawn mower’s blades sharp and well maintained if you want to use your mower for a long time. With the help of this guide, you can keep your lawn mower clean and healthy and use it for a long period of time.

Things you will need:

  • Garden hose
  • Brushes
  • BucketsPliersWrench
  • File
  • Utility knife
  • Air Filter
  • Motor Oil
  • GlovesLawn mower.
  • Lawnmower.


1. Brush your lawn mower

Make sure that you brush off your mower after every use with the help of a rag or a whisk broom. Also, use your gloved hands to clean below the mower deck to remove the caked mulch and grass cuttings. This is an easy 5-minute job which can benefit in maintaining your lawn mower in the long run.

2. Period cleaning

Apart from the regular basic cleaning, make sure that you clean your lawn mower a few times thoroughly. Empty the gas tank and keep the mower on its side. Remove any dirt or debris that you might see near the blade and make sure there is no caked mud or grass on the underside of the deck. Spray the underside of the deck with a water hose to loosen the debris and then use a brush to remove it.

3. Cleaning the Air Filter

Make sure that you change your air filter once or twice in every few months. Remove the air filter and clean it with a warm, soapy water and then air dry it properly. Then use 2 tablespoons of mower oil on the filter. Trust me, this will keep your air filter in good shape and will help in a smooth functioning of your mower.

Cleaning the Air Filter

4. Store your mower in winters

If the winter is here and you are done using the mower, then you need to empty the fuel tank by letting it run until it is out of gas. Keep the gas tank empty until next spring and drain your mower of the engine oil. You can do this by turning over the mower or by using a drain plug. If you do have the budget for it, I’d suggest you get a riding lawn mower as it works better in winters.

5. Replace the spark plug

Another important step to keep your lawn mower clean is by replacing the spark plug once every year. Disconnect your spark plug and remove it with the help of a wrench or a plier and then get another spark plug with the same code. You can take your spark plug to ensure you purchase the correct spark plug.

6. Keep the blades sharp

Always sharpen your mower’s blades else it will start cutting the grass unevenly which will turn your lawn into a shade of brown and will make your lawn look dry.

Keep the blades sharp

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